The next wave of uncrewed surface vehicles

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A flexible platform for defense, environmental and offshore energy applications

SeaTrac designs and develops uncrewed surface vehicles for persistent in-shore and open-ocean missions. Energy is derived from solar panels; propulsion comes from a highly efficient electric motor. Power from the vessel’s substantial battery storage allows for consistent cruise speeds over days with varying weather conditions.

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The traditional HAB monitoring is labor intensive and only provides data accurate for the specific areas sampled. It also identifies the problem after it’s happened: it’s not well suited to anticipate an impending problem. Learn More

Featured Mission:

Eelgrass (Zostera marina) is a valuable coastal habitat in Massachusetts, forming a complex underwater landscape that stabilizes seafloor and adjacent shoreline, filters the water of sediments and nutrients, and provides important habitat for shallow water species. Learn More

Featured Mission:

Researchers gain valuable information from battery-powered sensors deployed on the ocean floor, sometimes for months at a time. Retrieving data from these sensors typically involves sending out a ship: from a location directly above the sensor, an acoustic modem uploads or “harvests” the data from a sensor, before proceeding to the next sensor. Learn More

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