Making offshore operations simpler and more cost-effective

High Level

Offshore operations around oil and gas facilities and wind farms are complex and expensive, from pre-exploration to post-operations.  Unmanned vehicles can provide an effective alternative or complement in many applications.

Metocean / Weather

Gain real-time data on wind, air temperature, water temperature, wave height, surface / subsurface current at any remote location for more cost-effective offshore operations.

Hydrocarbon Monitoring

Monitor the ocean surface over a wide area and around the clock to assist in oil spill response efforts.

UUV Tracking

Provide position fixes for subsea vehicles such as underwater gliders, to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of collected data.

Data Harvesting / Communications Relay

Harvest data from undersea sensors without sending out a ship.  Provide real-time, continuous access to undersea sensors or vehicles.

Hydrographic Survey

Conduct cost-effective unmanned hydrographic surveys with side scan and multibeam sonar near shore or out in exposed waters.

Passive acoustic monitoring

Obtain long endurance, around-the-clock monitoring for whales or other mammals around offshore projects with hydrophones or hydrophone arrays.

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