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High Level

Obtain more real-time information at a lower cost and with more flexibility.  Research vessels and buoys are costly to deploy and manage: unmanned vehicles can provide an effective alternative in many applications.

Metocean / Weather

Gain cost-effective, real-time data on wind, air temperature, water temperature, wave height, surface / subsurface current at any remote location to improve weather and ocean models.

Water Quality

Sample the surface water over large areas to monitor the impact of drainages, water treatment outflows, eelgrass health, HAB, and other human activity.

Hydrographic Survey

Conduct cost-effective unmanned hydrographic surveys with side scan and multibeam sonar near shore or out in exposed waters. Explore our eco-friendly survey solutions

Communications Relay

Harvest data from undersea modems without sending out a ship. Gain real-time, continuous access to undersea data from fish tags.

Passive acoustic monitoring

Obtain long-endurance, around-the-clock monitoring for whales or other mammals with hydrophones or hydrophone arrays.

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