Supported Sensors

A versatile platform with a wide range of sensing capabilities

High Level

The SP-48 has been designed to support a wide variety of applications and sensors. It can support a total payload of up to 70 kg (150 lbs), drawing up to roughly 500 W for day-long missions, or roughly 25 to 85 W for 24x7 operation (depending on desired cruise speed and available sun energy).

Built-In Sensors

The base package includes the following built-in sensors:

Wind speed / direction, air temperature, air pressure
Water temperature
Surface water current (speed and direction)
Boat speed through water
Boat heading
GPS location, speed and direction over ground
Internal systems (motors, batteries, etc)

Payload sensors

We support a wide variety of payloads and sensors for various commercial, defense and scientific applications. Below is a partial list of sensors that can be integrated onto the SP-48 platform. Contact us for more details about supported sensors and information on integrating new sensors.

  • Acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP)
  • Acoustic modem
  • Acoustic positioning system (USBL/LBL)
  • Camera
  • C02 and dissolved oxygen
  • CTD, water quality sensor
  • Fish tag receiver
  • Fluorometer
  • Hydrocarbon
  • Hydrophone and towed hydrophone arrays
  • Inertial navigation system
  • Intercom
  • Lidar
  • Magnetometer
  • Motion reference unit
  • Multibeam sonar
  • Nitrogen
  • Radar
  • Side scan sonar
  • Sound Velocity Profiler
  • Sub-bottom profiler
  • Synthetic aperture sonar
  • Underwater camera
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