A history of innovation and performance

SeaTrac founders Jigger Herman and Buddy Duncan have a 25-year track record of solving problems with innovative hardware & software solutions.

Sail and Hull Performance

Both founders have Masters degrees in Naval Architecture from M.I.T. Their work at M.I.T. included the design and construction of a 30’ sailboat used to collect wind and sail performance data. They were also a part of the successful America3 campaign that won the America's Cup in 1992.

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Industrial Cutting Equipment

After leaving M.I.T., the founders launched Cutting Edge Inc, a company which manufactured cutting equipment deployed in various industries, including apparel, composites, furniture, industrial fabrics and automotive. The key to its success was delivering easy-to-use, cost-effective machinery that solved customers' manufacturing problems. The company grew quickly and became a leader in the specialty of single-ply cutting, earning the #86 spot on the Inc. 500 in 1997. It was acquired by Gerber Technology, which continues to successfully sell single-ply cutters based on the original designs.

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Home Automation

The founders went on to start HomeLogic, which focused on mid-to high-end residential solutions for home management and control. HomeLogic grew quickly and was acquired by the Nortek family of companies that serves the residential custom install channel. HomeLogic’s cost-effective, flexible and easy-to-install solutions continue to be a bright spot in the conglomerate's product line today.

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