More intelligence with less risk and lower cost

High Level

Lower the risk to human life and lower the cost to obtain real-time information. The Department of Defense envisions unmanned systems seamlessly operating with manned systems to improve the warfighter’s decision-making process.

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)

Below the surface, listen (hydrophone) and actively seek (sonar) underwater targets.  Above the surface, monitor (audio / video) and seek (radar) surface or airborne targets. Together these systems create a cost-effective, over-the-horizon wide area electronic fence.

Communications Relay

Pass data across subsea, aerial, and land-based assets to improve decision making. Harvest data from undersea assets without sending out a ship. Gain real-time, continuous access to undersea data from deployed assets.


Real-time local data (wind, waves, surface and subsurface currents, and ocean temperature) to improve situational awareness.

UUV Tracking

Provide position fixes for subsea assets, to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of collected data.

Hydrographic Survey

Conduct unmanned hydrographic surveys with side scan and multibeam sonar in areas prohibitive to manned vessels or UUVs.

Distraction / Misdirection

Distract an antagonist with a cost-effective decoy.

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