Hardware / The Boat

Durable, reliable & efficient

High level

Extremely durable design and construction is meant for the open ocean. The sleek hull shape and simple, efficient, electrical power system provide an excellent blend of speed through the water and power capacity for the payload.

General Specifications

4.8 m (15.7 ft)
139 cm (4.6 ft)
Empty weight
275 kg (606 lb)
Payload capacity
70 kg (154 lb)
Top speed
5 kts
42 cm (1.4 ft)
Total battery capacity
6.75 KWh
Max payload power
500 W

Handling Hardware

Lift Point

The Lift Point is built-in to the standard SP-48, and is intended for crane deployment, at a pier or from a ship. See the Harness Kit for deployments from ships in rough water.


Bow and Stern Holds

The SP-48 has bow and stern holding brackets to make it easier to handle. The holds are also effective attachment points for any lines used during launch or recovery.

Handheld Remote

The waterproof handheld remote provides direct control of the SP-48 using a line-of-sight RF link for up to roughly .25 miles (with standard whip antenna), or up to 2 miles (with directional antenna). It is intended for launch and recovery operations or for any other time when local manual control is needed.


The SP-48 comes standard with the trailer to provide an easy method to launch, recover and move the SP-48. Straps are included to secure the SP-48 to the trailer. 2” trailer ball.

Cradle / Dolly

The Cradle / Dolly is designed to safely hold and secure the SP-48. The surfaces are padded to avoid any damage to the hull of the boat, hold-down straps are included to secure the SP-48 to the Cradle.  Mounting brackets are included to facilitate easy fastening of the cradle to the ground or to a ship deck. Wheels are included to allow moving on flat land: not meant for boat ramps or pitching decks.

Harness Kit

This kit provides the hardware to simplify crane launch / recovery. The kit includes a lightweight cable extension to keep the crane hook away from the deck of the SP-48. The top of the lightweight extension is placed on the crane hook.

The bottom of the lightweight extension cable includes a quick-release hook: for launch, the operator lowers the SP-48 with the crane, and then pulls a line to activate the quick-release hook and drop the SP-48 in the water.

The bottom of the lightweight extension cable also includes a capture hook: for recovery, an operator uses an extension pole to secure the capture hook to the center lift point on the SP-48, and then lift it from the water.

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