Our flexible remote bridge makes managing complex missions simple

High level

The software provides a live link to the boat and the payload to retrieve data and send commands. Customers can choose to control missions on their own, or have us manage them.

Control options

On one end of the spectrum, the system supports direct local piloting and control where an operator is making all decisions with eyes on the vessel. By adding basic autonomy and a remote lookout, the system can operate on its own but with a person in the loop keeping an eye on the situation. With full autonomy, the system runs over the horizon, making all decisions on its own.

Mission management

With a click of a mouse, easily view or change mission waypoints (with speed, turning radius, loitering time). Access historical data to see where the boat has been and data values along the way.

Remote access and communications

The system supports remote access connections to the payload computer and sensors. A variety of links are available (RF, cell modem or satellite).

Control Options

Local Control

The boat can be piloted from our waterproof handheld remote, where a local operator is directly controlling the boat. This mode is typically used during launch and recovery or in tight quarters.

Heading Control

In this configuration the operator sets the forward speed and desired compass heading. This mode is also typically used when the operator has eyes on the vessel.

Basic Mission

In this mode the system follows the programmed mission, which consists of a set of waypoints.  Each waypoint can have additional detail, such as speed to waypoint, loitering time, etc. When the vessel reaches the waypoint and satisfies any loitering period, it then proceeds to the next waypoint. While travelling from one waypoint to the next, the system will correct for current, so that it stays close to the track between the waypoints.

In-The-Loop Operation

Cameras and radar can be added to provide a remote operator with situational awareness. Alerts can be configured to notify a remote operator to check conditions.

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